Would You Survive the Walken Apocalypse?

[caption id="attachment_88870" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]The Walken Dead[/caption]

Or would you become... one of them?

"The Walken Dead" paints a terrifying portrait of a world overrun with zombies that do Christopher Walken impersonations. Survivors struggle to survive against hordes of the undead that are prone to saying they've got a fever... and the only cure... is more cowbell.

Yes, the Walken snobs in us were a little miffed that the first Walken quote was from one of his more popular "Saturday Night Live" sketches, but the next quote is from "True Romance," so don't worry -- there's some "indie cred" to this parody.

Anyway, some of these Walken impersonators ain't half-bad -- and they do their schtick whilst lumbering about and covered in zombie makeup, at that. Not bad at all!

Check out one of the most unsettling depictions of the end of days below, courtesy of YouTube.