MovieTracker Makes You the Tastemakers

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We always know what movies everybody's talking about … and we're sharing that knowledge with you.

Introducing our new MovieTracker, which provides an up-to-the-moment snapshot of exactly which movies you – and everybody else – are buzzing about.

The innovative MovieTracker ranks the top 25 films – whether they're in theaters, coming soon or way down the road – according to the buzz across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere and updates the rankings throughout the day. With just a glance, you can see if a movie is rising or falling, take note of how much it has moved on the chart since the last time you checked and access all relevant news, features and information about that movie.

Not only is MovieTracker incredibly useful because it tells you exactly what’s hot right now, but it’s also fun to play with. You can join the conversation about any film on the list via Twitter. You can get stories, features, galleries and videos about those films. You can get showtimes and cast and crew info.

Quite simply, it’s created for movie fans and driven by movie fans.