Check Out Some Scary Celebrity-Cartoon Hybrids

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We've all wondered what the spawn of the world's hottest celebrities would look like, and thanks to Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt, that strange desire has been fulfilled.

But what about the other type of Hollywood progeny -- the kind that comes about from the love that really, really, really dare not speak its name? If you've ever been curious about what the offspring of Mike Myers and Shrek, or Jerry Seinfeld and Barry B. Benson, his character from "Bee Movie," would look like, today is your lucky day.

Dreamworks has released a collection of Animated Hybrids, which combine your favorite star with their Dreamworks animated character. The result lands somewhere between the cuteness of Zoo Borns and the fear inspired by Steve Buscemeyes. Check out the magic, courtesy of