Samuel L. Jackson Is One Rich Mother

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Jules Winnfield's wallet -- the one that says "Bad Mother…" -- is more temping than ever now that the Guinness Book of World Records has named Samuel L. Jackson the highest-grossing actor ever.

Jackson's been working steadily since the 1970s and has well over 100 TV and movie credits to his name, but his breakthrough performance was in Spike Lee's movie "Jungle Fever." (He'd had small parts in previous Spike Lee joints before that, including "School Daze" and "Do the Right Thing.")

Over the years, the movies he's been in have grossed over $7.4 billion dollars. Can you imagine how many snake-filled planes that could buy you?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movies that made the biggest bang for Jackson's buck were "Jurassic Park," the "Star Wars" flicks and "Pulp Fiction." The infinitely quotable "Pulp Fiction" is arguably what vaulted him into the official bad ass hall of fame, besides resuscitating John Travolta's career like a shot of adrenalin through the sternum.

Even though Jackson could legally retire soon, he's still kicking butt and taking names as Nick Fury in the upcoming "Avengers" movie. He's also got a nine-movie contract with Marvel and teased us in 2010 that Fury would be getting his own movie in the future. No AARP for him!

In the meantime, he has a juicy part in Tarantino's next film, "Django Unchained" lined up, among a host of other projects. When he's not acting, he's doing voice-overs for books like "Go the F**ck to Sleep" and other modern classics.