'The Lorax' Trailer Will Kill You With Cuteness

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Are you ready to have your heart warmed for the day? Take a break from perusing our gallery of dogs dressed as movie characters and check out the first trailer for "The Lorax."

Far from the terror-inducing live-action version of "The Cat in the Hat" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," from which we're still recovering, "The Lorax" is an animated film from the directors and writer behind the surprise hit "Despicable Me" and it looks pretty darn adorable.

The adaptation has a twist that's not in the Seuss version, which is that the Lorax and his trees are found by a young guy desperate to impress his cute neighbor, a flaxen-haired gal whose greatest desire is to see a real tree. The whole evil industrial Once-ler aspect of things is only hinted at in the trailer, but since this is just the first of many, we will hopefully get a better idea of how "The Lorax" will tackle this thorny but incredibly pertinent issue in future trailers.

Danny DeVito voices the Lorax -- can you think of anyone better?! -- and Zac Efron plays Ted, the smitten teen who discovers him. Taylor Swift makes her animated debut as Ashley, Ted's tree-lovin' neighbor.

"The Lorax" will hit theaters in IMAX and "Real Tree-D" on March 2, 2012. You should also feel free to daydream about Johnny Depp's live-action Dr. Seuss movie that's currently in development.