Hailee Steinfeld and Dave Franco Prepare to Greet 'Rosaline'

[caption id="attachment_57209" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Hailee Steinfeld[/caption]

Shakespeare's so hot right now. Just ask Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld. Or "Fright Night"'s Dave Franco. Or "True Blood" star Deborah Ann Woll.

These three young thesps have just been offered roles in director Michael Sucsy's upcoming "Rosaline," a new twist on The Bard's classic tragedy "Romeo and Juliet," Cinema Blend reports.

The film will be based on "When You Were Mine," the debut novel by Rebecca Serle. Haven't heard of it? That's probably because it doesn't even hit bookshelves until next May.

Apparently, Sucsy believes in this tale, which tells the story not of the star-crossed lovers, but of Rosaline—Rome's first love who he kicked to the curb after meeting Juliet. Ouch.

Then again, it's not like things really worked out for him and his new flame.

Sucsy plans to set the flick in 16th-century Verona, but have the actors speak in modern language. Think Baz Lurhman's '96 hit "Romeo + Juliet," but, you know, the opposite.

If the stars accept their deals, Woll will play the titular Rosaline, and Franco and Steinfeld will play Rome and Juliet, respectively. We've got our fingers crossed these offers pan out, because it's high time Rosaline had her say.