Werner Herzog's New Trailer Dives 'Into the Abyss'

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Grab your popcorn, kids, because the trailer for the feel good film of the year has just arrived: Werner Herzog's new documentary "Into the Abyss."

Oh. Wait.

Okay, so fans of lighthearted comedies and mindless blockbusters can probably just skip to the next article, but for the mature movie fan, no name is more synonymous with serious cinema than Herzog -- and judging by the trailer, "Into the Abyss" may just be his most serious film yet.

Granted, that's a pretty bold statement considering Herzog is renowned for dramas like "My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done" and "Aguirre, the Wrath of God," not to mention classic documentaries such as "Grizzly Man." So we're not talking Brett Ratner here.

But based on the trailer, "Into the Abyss" is just as dark as the title implies: Consisting of a serious of interviews with two Texas inmates convicted of a triple homicide, the film explores how the death penalty affects not only the condemned, but also the victims' families as well as the prison officials who carry out the execution.

"Into the Abyss" just debuted on the festival scene last month, but the response was so overwhelming that Herzog is rushing the film into theaters, meaning there hasn't been a chance for much hype; the trailer comes just two weeks before its November 11 theatrical release. But that's okay.

Because once you take a look at this clip, courtesy of Apple Trailers, you'll see just why this is one movie that isn't exactly going to have its own Happy Meal toy line: