Cool Clicks: Spielberg Says to Blame Lucas for Latest 'Indiana Jones'

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Steven Spielberg manages to throw George Lucas under the bus and portray their friendship as endearing all in one breath. Remember that last 'Indiana Jones' movie, or have you tried to erase the memory alltogether? Either way, Spielberg thinks everyone should know that it's silly plot is totally buddy George Lucas's fault. Read the story on AV Club.

Movie Web has new photos of Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton on set of 'The Great Gatsby'. The duo, looking dapper, takes direction from director Baz Luhrmann as they prepare to film what looks like some sort of fight.

Like staring at the back of people's heads? Like new movie posters? Collider has two new movie posters for "Paranorman" and "Into the Abyss".

Confused about all "Harry Potter" movies disappearing from the shelves? Check out what these experts have to say about it -- including our own Breanne L. Heldman -- on MTV Movies Blog.

Who says you have to wait for the DVD to see all the juicy, behind-the-scenes footage of "Breaking Dawn"? PopSugar has a little video of it now!