Johnny Depp Gives Surprise Concert in Austin

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Johnny Depp sure proved he's not "all hat and no cattle," as the saying goes, while in town for a showing of "The Rum Diary" at the Austin Film Festival.

The actor surprised fans by rocking out at the Continental Club after the screening. This old school South Austin joint is famous for its live music scene and has hosted a wide range of acts, from Kinky Friedman to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Depp got on the Continental's stage with the OG bearded hipster Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Bill Carter of Bill Carter and the Blame.

If you need any proof that Johnny Depp has a photo of himself hidden in a closet somewhere a la Dorian Grey, here's a YouTube video of his old band P, which included lead Surfer of Buttholes Gibby Haynes and Bill Carter, playing at SXSW in 1993. (Also worth noting! Gibby Haynes' father was the host of a children's show in North Texas called "Mr. Peppermint's Place" that featured a squirrel as his sidekick and might or might not have scarred young children. Ahem. Also, Gibby Haynes is now 53.)

Depp also played a surprise show in Berkeley after a screening of "The Rum Diary." Who else was there? Tom Waits. No big deal or anything. According to journalist Ben Fong-Torres, "[Depp] chose to do a screening not for media, but for Berkeley students... The house was packed with 700 of them, studying film, journalism and English. It felt like a rock concert."

"The Rum Diary" had a big red carpet party at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art last night, and some Depp-esque characters showed up, like Keith Richards and super-cool indie director Jim Jarmusch. You can't say that Depp doesn't bring a wild time with him wherever he goes. Just like his idol Hunter S. Thompson!

Check out the video of Depp performing in Austin on YouTube! Are you going to see "The Rum Diary"? Let us know in the comments!