Tara Reid's Knot-Tying Skills Are Seriously Questionable

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Well, color us surprised. Not.

Just two months after getting engaged to Zack Kehayov — oh, and married to him 90 minutes later — Tara Reid has admitted that the wedding may not have been totally "legal" (if you want to get all technical about it).

Back in August, the "American Pie" has-been alum Tweeted that she and Kehayov tied the knot during a Grecian holiday. If her Tweets were correct, they managed to go from proposal to "I do" in roughly the running time of your favorite animated film.

However, something tells us those Tweets may not have been have genuine as they once seemed. Sigh.

Caught at LAX looking a touch, uh, unkempt  (or "tired" as she put it), the 35-year-old actress revealed a small inaccuracy in her summer nuptials, E! Online reports. What began as a random series of questions about whether or not Reid and her "husband" would win if they were to appear on "The Newlywed Game," the actress replied, "No, we would lose. Because we were never really married ... No, never legal."

Oh. So she had one of those non-legal weddings. Well, those don't take as long to start, or (apparently) to end.

At least she has "American Reunion" coming for realsies. It hits theaters on April 6.