This Halloween, Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

[caption id="attachment_14869" align="alignright" width="300" caption="New Line Cinema"]Robert Englund in "Freddy Vs. Jason"[/caption]

In the movies, there are a whole lot of ways to get killed. Whether it's by axe, chainsaw, knife or sadistic Rube Goldberg head-exploding bear-trap, no matter what the style, the end result is the same.

But which is the coolest?

That's the question posed by MTV Movies Blog's new Killer Halloween poll, which aims to determine once and for all which horror villain is the sickest by rating both intangibles as well as all-too-tangibles such as whether Freddy Kreuger's bladed gloves are cooler than Pinhead's Lament Configuration.

So head over to MTV and vote. But choose wisely. Because in the world of horror films, making a wrong choice can truly be a double edged sword.