Aaron Sorkin Tackling More Flattering Biopic For Steve Jobs?

[caption id="attachment_84170" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Steve Jobs[/caption]

Sony's Steve Jobs biopic is steadily moving along, and rumor has it that the folks behind the film are wooing none other than Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin to do the adaptation honors.

Aaron Sorkin said no to Steve Jobs once before -- he famously turned down the late Apple leader when Jobs asked the Mac lover to write a Pixar film. Sorkin wrote in The Daily Beast that he told Jobs, "The truth is I don't know how to tell those stories. I have a young kid who loves Pixar movies and she'll turn cartwheels if I tell her I'm writing one and I don't want to disappoint her by writing the only bad movie in the history of Pixar."

One can only imagine what the writer behind "Moneyball," "The Social Network," "Studio 60," and "The West Wing" would have come up with for a Pixar project; suffice it to say, it would have definitely been interesting. And probably rated R.

The opportunity to adapt Walter Isaacson's bio of the almighty Mac genius could be Sorkin's opportunity to take a crack at a very different type of Jobs project. However, it's one thing to write a movie about real people you don't know, like Mark Zuckerberg or Billy Beane, and another to take on the very real flaws of someone who called to give you his regards when your show gets canned. And although Sorkin does his best work taking on such figures, will Apple fans be ready for a multifaceted portrait of their idol?

In any case, this seems like it would be a fascinating fit, and a fairly natural one given Sorkin's history with Sony. He won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay for Sony's "The Social Network," and also penned "The American President" and "A Few Good Men" for Columbia Pictures, which is now part of Sony. "Moneyball" is also on plenty of Oscar-watchers' minds for awards season, as well.