Bond 23 Is Gunning for an Oscar

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James Bond has done a lot of great things in his life: raced in speedboats, saved the world from evil, shaken martinis (or did someone else do that for him?). But there's one thing he definitely hasn't done—won an Oscar. Or even expressed an interest in being nominated for one. Until now.

An anonymous source claims that director Sam Mendes is cutting out the action scenes to make Bond 23 (which may or may not be called "Skyfall") more "Oscar-friendly." Or, more specifically, the “action scenes in India have all been axed” though scenes in Istanbul and Duntrune Castle in Argyll “are still there for the moment," Total Film reports.

Cutting these lengthy sequences might leave more time for what Mendes has coined "characterful performances" (we assume that means "full of character") and for star Daniel Craig to bring the added "emotional depth" to the role that he said he'd like to pursue.

Since this installment of the franchise needs £300million just to break even, and omitting the famed action scenes might hurt box office sales, this could a "very high price to pay for an Oscar nomination," the source states.

But then again, winning an Oscar = priceless.