'Tintin' Fan Makes Own Opening Credits, Gets Job With Spielberg!

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Here's the deal: what if you made a bunch of toys for fun in your spare time, and somehow Santa Claus saw them and was like, "DUDE, those are cool! You should be one of my ELVES!!!"

That's kinda what happened recently when "Tintin" superfan James Curran made his own set of animated opening credits for the upcoming movie and the film's director, Steven Spielberg, actually saw them.

According to the Twitter feed of "Scott Pilgrim" director Edgar Wright, who co-wrote "The Adventures of Tintin," Spielberg dug the fanfilm so much that he not only invited Curran to the premiere but actually gave the man a job on his next film. Nice!

Considering how many of these unofficial tributes are made every year, either as exercises in film schools or by dedicated devotees of properties like "Batman," "Star Wars," and every anime you can think of, this is something of a minor miracle. The closest anyone got prior to this was a trio of young men in Mississippi who spent seven years making a shot-for-shot remake of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on video in the '80s, and over a decade later wound up discovered by Eli Roth and Spielberg himself to great acclaim.

Curran's opening credits are minimalist, awesome, and most importantly very professional, paying tribute not just to the new film (which has opened in Europe and will hit the States this Christmas) but to the entire canon of Herge's comics. Keen observers will spot tributes to almost every major story, including "The Blue Lotus" and "Explorers on the Moon."

If there's a moral to this Cinderella story, it's to dedicate yourself to what you love and perhaps you'll get the recognition you deserve and/or land a gig working with the most successful director of all-time on "Robopocalypse."

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.