Forget Three -- John Cusack Is a Magic 'Number'

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Guys like Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr. are awesome, but for our money, the most underrated superstar in Hollywood is John Cusack. For the past quarter century, all the guy has done is turn out one indelible performance after another, both in classics ("Say Anything") and in films that should have been complete crap but were actually pretty fun just because he was in it ("2012," anyone?).

But can even Cusack make math cool?

Well, we're about to find out, because according to Variety, Cusack has just signed on to star in the upcoming thriller "The Numbers Station" -- and with Cusack on board, we have a feeling the only number you'll need to know now is number one.

Before you start thinking this is some kind of esoteric art film about the search for Fermat's theorem or the existential angst surrounding a Lotto distributor, have no fear: It's actually a spy movie. Cusack, you see, plays "a disgraced black-ops agent tasked with a deadend job of protecting a code operator in an isolated covert CIA broadcast station."

That operator, by the by, is "The Watchmen's" Malin Akerman. "The Numbers Station" was originally set to star Ethan Hawke instead of Cusack, but apparently Hawke decided to apply the principal of addition by subtraction, as he is now nowhere to be seen. Filming on "The Numbers Station," which is being helmed by Danish director Kasper Barfoed, is set to begin next month.

Look like this movie just became a prime number.