Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter Fight the Future in 'Akira'

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Critics have often praised Gary Oldman's ability to completely disappear into his roles, but this time, he'll be pitted against the toughest reviewers yet -- manga fans.

Oldman has been offered the role of The Colonel in the upcoming movie remake of manga classic Akira. The first adaptation of the illustrated series was brought to the big screen by the series' author Katsuhiro Otomo, who also served as director on the project, in 1988.

The series takes place in a dystopian future in which Tokyo has been destroyed by Akira, a young boy with immense psychic ability, who has since been captured by the government for tests.

Fearing that their rebuilt city will crumble at hands of another child with psychokinetic powers, the government of Neo-Tokyo kidnap psychic child Takashi, prompting biker Shotaro Kaneda to seek out Akira to find clues that may prevent history from repeating itself.

The upcoming film version, helmed by "Orphan" directer Jaume Collet-Sera, retains the characters from the original, but changes the story's location to Neo-Manhattan.

Twitch reports that Helena Bonham Carter has also been offered a lead role in the project as Lady Miyako, a former government test subject who assists Kaneda in his quest.

"TRON: Legacy" star Garrett Hedlund is leading the pack for the role of Kaneda in the new movie, penned by "Harry Potter" screenwriter Steve Kloves.