John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville Shake Their Tailfeathers in 'Carnaval'

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When you think of Brazil's world-famous Carnaval, you think of streets crowded with people in fabulous costumes, dancing and partying their tushies off, and dazzling floats full of revelers.

What you maybe don't think of is John Cusack, who's getting his Victorian goth on as Edgar Allen Poe in "The Raven" when he's not Tweeting about politics. That's all about to change with "Carnaval," a comedy starring Cusack and Johnny Knoxville that sounds like it could be awfully naughty. Cusack plays a sports scout whose best buddy, played by Knoxville, is a musician who screws up his friend's high stakes mission to recruit a soccer player by, uh, screwing the soccer player's girlfriend. Oops.

The story behind the script is almost worthy of a movie itself. Deadline reported last year that former agent David Styne wrote the script under a pseudonym, "based on a trip to Rio that he took four years ago with his high school buddies from Los Angeles. The trip was a seminal experience for Styne and when he described it to ex-client Oliver Stone, the director told him there was a movie in it. Styne never had time to write it. When the trip's Brazilian guide, Marco Cavalcante, was killed, Styne became determined to follow through and dedicate the movie to him." With the help of Final Draft and a little pluck, Styne made his dream come true!

Although it sounds like major changes have been made to the story since director Josh Stern polished the script -- Styne's version is about "three lifelong friends who head to Rio to get their mojo back" -- we have no doubt that it will still be the kind of tale that would excite Oliver Stone himself.


Also, there will probably be lots of boobs and liquor and perhaps an ill-advised acid trip. Now, go rent "Hot Tub Time Machine"!