Betty White To Luciana: 'I'm Still Hot'

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If you've ever wondered what a senior citizen sees in their head after they've dropped one-too-many Ecstasy tablets, you're about to find out.

The unstoppable juggernaut that is Betty White has done it again, this time through teaming up with English singer Luciana for a remix of her dance chart topper "I'm Still Hot." Throw in White eating cheesecake with muscled dudes, breakdancing, and wearing a Boa constrictor around her neck and you've got the campiest novelty video since Rappin' Ronnie Reagan.

Did we mention the clip is all a shameless plug for the Lifeline insurance settlement program and a fundraiser for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association? Yes, that was the sound of Dr. Demento having a stroke from too much excitement.

The whole enterprise does beg the question: is there such a thing as something being TOO campy? The answer is a resounding "NO," so sit back, enjoy, and share it with someone you're on Medicare with.