Gerard Butler Is a 'Hunter Killer'

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You know what's cool? Submarine movies. All that gripping tension as a group of tightly wound fighting men, stuck beneath two hundred billion metric tons of water, stand in strained silence, listening to the hull creak as the sonar pings out the approach of a deadly torpedo/enemy sub/killer squid. It's so damn manly that the only way it could possibly be more manly is if they had someone like, you know, Gerard Butler as captain. Right?

Well, if you're a fan of undersea adventure, then today is your lucky day, because Variety is reporting that Butler is, in fact, in negotiations to play a sub captain in the upcoming thriller "Hunter Killer." Break out the Old Spice, y'all.

"Hunter Killer" -- which, based on the punctuation, probably refers to someone who kills hunters, but we're not quite sure -- is the latest project from director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day," "Shooter"). And it also marks a reunion of sorts for Butler, who previously teamed with "Hunter Killer" studio Relativity Media for this fall's explosive drama "Machine Gun Preacher."

So how do you top playing a former biker gang member who trades in drug dealing for operating a militant orphanage in the depths of war-torn Africa? Well, by playing "an untested submarine captain who must work with a Navy SEAL team [possibly headed by "Avatar's" Sam Worthington] to rescue Russia’s president, who’s taken prisoner during a military coup."

Now that's what we call a manly movie.

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