'Twilight' Gone Zombie?! Enter to Win Zombie-fied Movie Posters

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It's a little known fact: Zombies love movies.

Sure, most people think the only thing zombies enjoy is eating brains, but even the walking dead can appreciate a good movie. And now, thanks to the folks over at Neatorama, you can get in on the zombie movie love yourself with one of their brand new zombie-themed movie posters, absolutely free.

Are you ready for "Twilight" zombies?

That's just one of the four new zombie posters we're giving away to lucky fans. Simply enter our new giveaway and specify which undead film classic you'd like to sport on your wall. Then, once all the entries have been collected, we'll select one winner for each poster. It's a process so simple even a zombie can understand it. Here are your choices:

Not sure whether you're Team Edward of Team Jacob? Then how about picking option three: Team Braaaaaaaaains (or, rather, the "Twitch Saga: Eek Lips" poster) which shows that even vampires and werewolves can't quite match the shuffling power of a zombie horde.

If your taste runs more to the classics, then how about this "Breakfast Is Tiffany" poster, which proves that the only thing more timeless than the little black dress is a shriveled black heart.

Or how about that modern cult hit "Fight of the Living Dead Club?" We won't spoil the surprise ending, but let's just say that in this case, everybody dies.

Finally, "The Walking Dead of Oz" pretty much speaks for itself, don't you agree? Pay no attention to that man behind the coffin.

To enter, just shoot us an email at NextMovie@MTV.com and include your name, birthdate, address, which poster you'd prefer ("Twilight," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Fight Club" or "The Wizard of Oz") and copy and paste the following statement:

“By sending this email, I accept and agree to: (1) the Official Rules of the Neatorama Zombie Posters Giveaway and (2) MTV Networks’, a division of Viacom International Inc., Nextmovie.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.”

The contest runs from now until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011. Entrants must be at least 13 years old and reside in the U.S. Click here for complete rules and further details.

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Be sure to visit Neatorama.com for these and other awesome zombie posters, as well as a slew of other, ahem, neat stuff.