Challenging Tom Cruise to a Dance Off Is Risky Business

[caption id="attachment_14638" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Tom Cruise[/caption]

All film fans know that Tom Cruise is no stranger to the dance floor -- and as a brand new viral video proves, even at his age, challenging him to a dance-off remains some seriously risky business.

TMZ has uncovered a brand new clip of Cruise being called out at a wedding reception by a fellow reveler. But while the mega-star may not be as young as he was when he shot to fame dancing in his undies for "Risky Business," he can still bust a move with the best of them -- and he serves up a serious lesson in humility to his shell-shocked challenger.

Here's the scene: Over the weekend, Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were in Palm Springs for the wedding of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" producer David Ellison. Somewhere in between the bouquet toss and the electric slide, however, one of the other guests decided to get all up in Cruise's business out on the dance floor. Guess he wanted to know if Cruise was still the "Top Gun."

Luckily for us -- and for posterity -- a quick-thinking dancer caught the whole thing -- set to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" -- on their video phone. Without further ado, then, here is the epic Tom Cruise dance-off. Check it out -- and watch as the 49-year-old Cruise schools some fools:

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