Let's Get Ready to Rumble With 6 'Real Steel' Clips

[caption id="attachment_83551" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="DreamWorks"]Real Steel[/caption]

Hugh Jackman is retracting his claws and putting up his dukes for a no-holds-barred robot rumble in Shawn Levy's hard-hitting futuristic blockbuster "Real Steel/" When his meal-ticket robot bites the dust in the ring, professional robot-fighting coach Charlie Kenton is down on his luck and looking for a miracle, and finds one in Atom, a discarded sparring robot whom he trains to be a champion.

Charlie and Atom conquer the robot fighting circuit (pun intended), only to face their toughest opponent ever. Can they go the distance? Evangeline Lilly's gorgeousness costars.

1. Noisy Boy Versus Midas. Hugh Jackman's robot learns the hard way that purple is totally not in this year.

2. Hugh Jackman lectures a boy while frantically looking for his lost contact lens in a rainy junkyard.

3. Finn ("Hurt Locker" star Anthony Mackie) keeps screaming, "Is that Noisy Boy?" No, Finn, you are noisy boy, use your inside voice.

4. How Do You Know Japanese? All those hours skipping school and playing "Street Fighter 2" finally paid off for this kid.

5. Charlie Teaches Atom to Box. Hugh Jackman's punching combinations include "head-body-head-body," now known as the "Christian Bale" technique.

6. Are You Ready For Real Steel? Apparently Michael Buffer, or someone who sounds like him, is still alive decades from now, and looking more botoxed than ever.