'Baseball Tonight' Host Karl Ravech's 3 Favorite Baseball Flicks


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With the release of every sports film, it's customary for movie sites to break out lists of the top however-many football flicks, baseball flicks, basketball flicks, etc.

(Just wait until our list of Top 2 Bobsledding Movies … we're just waiting for one more.)

So with the release of "Moneyball" today, we forgo our usual "film expert" picks and instead ask a real baseball expert to weigh in with his favorites.

ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" host Karl Ravech kindly gave us a ring to rank his top 3 best – and single worst – baseball movies of all time.

The Best

3. 'Field of Dreams' (1989): I was a big fan -- I fell in love with "Field of Dreams" … The whole movie was great. With the whole father/son relationship, and [the subplot involving them] trying to take away the farm …. It's one of the best baseball movies that I've ever seen. The whole story is great.

And it's evergreen. You can watch it when you're 10, you can watch it when you're 30, and you can watch it when you're 70 … Everybody understands "Field of Dreams."

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2. 'Bull Durham' (1988):  Number 2 is "Bull Durham," which I think is the funniest baseball movie ever made. Having covered baseball in Binghamton and having covered minor league baseball at Harrisburg, so much of it is so relevant and so true … The dialogue in that movie is unbelievable and the relationship Susan Sarandon has with [Kevin Costner] --  it's classic.

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1. 'The Rookie' (2002):  My number one movie that I got all emotional on was "The Rookie." When [Dennis Quaid] called his wife and said "You're going to need to bring the blue sport coat because I'm going to the major leagues' … For somebody in television who's kind of worked his way up through the ranks, that one resonated … That was a crying moment for me, much more than any of the other movies that I saw.

I really fell in love with that story. That's another father/son story, too. The whole relationship he has with his dad and trying to live up to the expectations that his dad has, who's kind of a hard-riding guy, never seemed satisfied, that was very rewarding at the end.

The Worst

1. 'The Benchwarmers' (2006): Well, I get exposed to a lot of the younger ones because my kids are 16 and 11, so you know they love all the sit-on-your-face and fart-in-the-guy’s-face and all that stuff. But I never found those to be tremendously humorous … "Benchwarmers" was so bad that it almost was good.

I mean, that was so bad that it was almost, almost good. But it was bad.

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