Cool Clicks: 15 Hot, Hot Reasons Guys Will See 'Breaking Dawn'

[caption id="attachment_77187" align="alignright" width="300" caption="MSN Video"]Kristen Stewart in Marcus Foster's "I Was Broken" music video[/caption]

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Hey, guys. You might think that "Twilight" could not possibly be your cup of tea ... but Clutch wants to remind you of a few sexy reasons (ahem: Kristen Stewart, Maggie Grace, etc. etc. etc) you might be willing to accompany a lady to "Breaking Dawn."

Think the new Ryan Gosling movie "Drive" is a touch on the violent side? it's in good company. Complex has a list of the ten most vicious beatdowns in movie history -- and it's arguably the face-punchiest list ever.

And speaking of violence ... is there anything more frightening than a ruthless movie villain with a beatific grin? Moviefone has a chilling list of the 20 smilingest movie bad guys.

A clean getaway is key to the perfect crime, and Screen Junkies has the nine finest getaways in movies for you.