Hooked on David Hasselhoff in a 'Baywatch' Movie? It's Your Lucky Day

[caption id="attachment_51138" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]David Hasselhoff[/caption]

If you can't get enough of David Hasselhoff -- German pop superstar, former "America's Got Talent" judge and drunken burger snarfer extraordinaire -- then you're in luck, because his next project could be his greatest project ever: A "Baywatch" movie.

Get out your swimtrunks folks, because according to IndieWire, the long-rumored "Baywatch" movie is starting to come together and the script includes roles for both Hasselhoff and gravity-defying lifeguard Pamela Anderson. It's about time someone gave the box office some serious mouth-to-mouth.

The news comes courtesy of "Analyze That" writer Peter Tolan, who recently completed a script for "Baywatch" for Paramount after production on the TV adaptation had floundered for several years. Tolan's secret to getting things going again? Completely ignoring "Baywatch."

"It's not based on the show in any way, though there are a couple of winks at the show," Tolan said. "I don't know anything about the show. I didn't watch it in preparation for writing this."

But he does know enough about the show to know that fans can't live without The Hoff, so he made sure to include new roles for both Hasselhoff and Anderson in the script.

David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and a "Baywatch" movie. Sometimes it's just good to be alive.