Isla Fisher Will Make Magic in 'Now You See Me'

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Director Louis Leterrier has reached into a hat... and pulled out Isla Fisher.

The "Confessions of a Shopaholic" beauty and wife of trickster Sacha Baron Cohen will be using her illusions in the magic-themed heist thriller, "Now You See Me," according to Variety.

"Now You See Me" pits a team of FBI agents in a game of cat and mouse against a squad of the world's greatest illusionists who pull off a series of daring bank heists during their performances and shower the profits on their audiences.

Isla Fisher will be playing the role of Henley, a master technician who builds contraptions to aid in the illusion of the heists. Amanda Seyfried had originally been attached to the role but apparently 'twas not meant to be.

The cast also includes Jesse Eisenberg as the arrogant yet brilliant leader of the illusionists, Morgan Freeman as an ex-magician, Mark Ruffalo as the head of the FBI team investigating the magicians and Melanie Laurent as one of his agents.

Isla Fisher is currently filming her role as Myrtle Wilson in Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby," which will hit theaters in Nov. 2012. She was heard earlier this year as the voice of Beans in "Rango" and will be providing the voice of the Tooth Fairy in "Rise of the Guardians," also scheduled for release in November of next year.

One of our favorite Isla roles will probably always be Luvlee, the reluctant femme fatale who seduces poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "The Lookout." Well, maybe "poor" isn't the right way to describe someone who gets to sleep with Isla Fisher...

Anyway, abracadabra! Louis Leterrier ("The Incredible Hulk," "Clash of the Titans") will be directing the "Now You See Me" magic show, which will commence with the trickery sometime next year.