Ashley Bell: 'The Last Exorcism' Wasn't Quite The Last After All

[caption id="attachment_2679" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lionsgate"]The Last Exorcism[/caption]

Sticklers for grammar and continuity will need to break out their felt tip marker and began doctoring their DVD collection, because according to Ashley Bell, "The Last Exorcism" apparently wasn't as "last" as it was cracked up to be.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Bell revealed that not only is there going to be a sequel to the found footage horror hit, but she's going to be starring in it as well.

Are you ready for "The Next Exorcism?"

Actually, just what they're going to call the movie is still up in the air, but the irony of making a sequel to a film called "The Last Exorcism" isn't lost on Bell either. "I just signed on for the sequel of 'Last Exorcism,'" Bell said. "It's 'The Last Exorcism For Realsies You Guys.' That's the full title."

But all joking aide, she's just happy to have another shot at playing the possessed Nell Sweetzer, who apparently (spoilers!) survived the first film.

"Whenever you get that phone call, that opportunity, it's incredible. I loved working with Strike Entertainment and [producer] Eli [Roth] the first time around. To be able to work with them again, that’s what I'm most excited about. They’re an incredible company. I'm so excited."

As for what the story is going to be, well, Bell is as lost as the rest of us, telling Bloody Disgusting that "I have not seen or heard anything so I don’t know what is going to go down."

One thing's for sure, though: If this film does as well as the last one, he chances of this being the "last" of anything are increasingly remote.