Another James Franco Project Alert! He's Directing McCarthy's 'Child of God'

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The always surprising and tireless James Franco has added yet another high profile and demanding project to his plate. And why not?

He just debuted his 10th directorial effort, "Sal" at the Venice Film Festival. He's currently at the Toronto Film Festival promoting his documentary/art installation "Memories of Idaho," and he's still filming "Oz: The Great and Powerful" and his documentary on

Another project? Pfft. No big deal, even if it's based on one of Cormac McCarthy's most difficult and demanding novels.

While doing press for "Idaho," Franco announced he'll be directing an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's brutal novel, "Child of God."

Now, for anyone but Franco, this is would be no easy adaptation. "God" is the story of an isolated and violent man named Lester Ballard, who simply can't live in normal society. He's engages in crime and necrophilia, loses everything that makes him civilized and human, and becomes a cave dweller.

It's not exactly what you would call commercial. But Franco is unfazed by the challenge. In fact, he took on "Child of God" because his other McCarthy adaptation, "Blood Meridian" proved a little tricky.

"We shot a 20 minute test of it that turned out pretty well," Franco said. "We were gearing up to do the feature but that for various reasons is on hold."

Now, here we should pause and mention that "Blood Meridian" is one of the most gruesome and violent books in existence. Many believe it's unfilmable. But not Franco, who stepped up to direct it last year. Sure, it's on hold (probably because a financier, studio or distributor realized what they were in for and had second thoughts), but not to worry. As they sort out those production problems, Franco will just find another McCarthy story. One that's easier on the stomach and moviegoing audiences. Hey, how about the one dealing with necrophilia? That sounds much easier!

Oh, Franco. We don't know how you do it and remain so calm. But we can't stop rooting for you. You go and film those horrible stories!

If "Child of God" makes it to the finish line, it will be Franco's 12th directorial outing. Presumably, he will have doubled or tripled that number by the time we're posting the trailer for "Child of God" and they will all be stories others deemed unfilmable.

Hey, this is James Franco's world. We just live in it.