'The Swell Season' Trailer Reveals the Turbulent Success Story of 'Once' Stars

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Everyone was utterly charmed by the musical "Once" and the real life rags-to-riches story it represented for its stars, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

The two embarked on a successful tour as "The Swell Season," released a debut album and contributed a Bob Dylan cover to "I'm Not There." They were certainly successful, but to most Americans, they likely appeared to fall off the radar after the Oscars. Many people are probably wondering what ever happened to that sweet Oscar-winning duo. All those questions and more! are answered in an upcoming documentary, "The Swell Season."

The trailer for "The Swell Season" debuted on Movieline and feels like the anti-"Once." It's gritty, dark and full of tears, turbulence and ominous sayings about love and success. We know that Hansard and Irglova amicably ended their romantic relationship in 2009, but it appears there was more pain and drama than their cheery statement let on.

"Season" looks like a cautionary tale of the dangers and darkness success can bring. On the surface, a successful film, an Oscar win, and a bestselling album would be the answer to a lot of artist's dreams. But the spotlight comes with a price, and it seems Hansard and Irglova paid their bitter share.

"The Swell Season" will have a limited release on Oct. 17. Check the official website for a screening near you.