ScarJo's Lawyer Demands That Websites Take It Off

[caption id="attachment_36308" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Scarlett Johansson[/caption]

In a refreshing twist on a classic Hollywood hacker story, Scarlett Johansson is not denying that the nude photos which popped up all over the web earlier this week were, in fact her. (If we looked like that, we wouldn't deny it either.)

Instead, the Woody Allen muse is dealing with the scandal the American way: threatening to sue. Johansson's lawyer, Marty Singer, sent a letter to the websites that are running the photos, claiming that the images are "stolen copyright protected private photographs" and should be removed from the sites. Like, now.

The leaked shots include one of ScarJo's bare backside and one of her topless, and apparently she feels violated enough to have contacted the FBI about the hacking, The Hollywood Reporter recounts. Though no hacker group has officially taken credit for releasing the images, the FBI is focused on a group coined Hollywood Leaks, which previously took credit for Julianne Hough's cell phone nude photos, as well as Kreayshawn's nude photos.

Celebrities seem to be taking more and more nude photos these days, right?

In any case, other celebrities who have recently been hacked include Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, so Scarlett is in good company—notably, all women, mind you.

Maybe they could form some sort of sorority? Just saying.

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