Video Q&A: James Marsden on Filling Hoffman Shoes in 'Straw Dogs'

Remakes are tough stuff, but especially when you're contending with a controversial classic like "Straw Dogs."

In this update of the ultra-violent Sam Peckinpah movie, James Marsden stars as David Sumner, a screenwriter from L.A. who moves to the small Southern town where his wife Amy (Kate Bosworth) grew up. Her old friends from high school are not too cool with this Jaguar-driving Harvard grad, especially Amy's high school flame Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard). Tensions rise between the couple and the townspeople until it's an all-out war.

The fresh-faced actor from "Hop," "The Box," "Sex Drive," and "27 Dresses" discusses taking on the challenges of taking on Dustin Hoffman's role and why it's interesting to play someone who's an arrogant jerk.

For more "Straw Dogs," check out the trailer.