Trailer Makes 'Perfect Sense' With Ewan McGregor and Eva Green

[caption id="attachment_79923" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="IFC Films"]Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in "Perfect Sense"[/caption]

What's scarier, a crazy contagious virus spreading through the world that no one knows how to stop or cure, or falling in love?

For Eva Green and Ewan McGregor's characters in "Perfect Sense," both are equally distasteful, but too bad for them because that's just what's happening -- at the same time. She's an epidemiologist wary of men and he's a cook giving commitment the old side-eye, but if the end of the world doesn't screw everything up, they might have a chance at love. Talk about bad timing!

In the trailer, released on Empire, gorgeous Eva Green ("Cracks," "Dark Shadows")  and McGregor ("Beginners," "The Ghost Writer") are a sexy pair in this drama from director David Mackenzie, who worked with McGregor on the steamy "Young Adam." Prepare for some serious hotness, as well as seriously sad and scary end-of-the-world vibes. It might not be as gross as Gwyneth Paltrow chewing off her own tongue in IMAX in "Contagion," but it will make your palms sweat and your eyes water.