Unlucky '13' Gets a New Trailer

[caption id="attachment_79836" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Revolver"][/caption]

You've heard of reboots and remakes. But how often have you heard of a guy remaking his own movie?

Well, that's just what director Géla Babluani has done -- and the new trailer for "13" shows that remaking your own movies is a bit like Russian roulette. Even if you win, you probably crapped yourself.

Not that the trailer looks all that horrible. After all, "13" does feature an all-star cast that includes Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Alexander Skarsgard, Ray Winstone and "Boardwalk Empire's" Michael Shannon. And since the film is about a bunch of guys competing in a Russian roulette tournament with millions of dollars on the line, well, safe to say there are some major nailbiting moments.

But considering the acclaimed original version, "13 Tzameti," won the Sundance Grand Jury prize in 2006 while the new remake (the studio that bought the rights to "13 Tzameti" wanted it to be in color with a bankable cast) has been rotting on a storeroom shelf for almost two years, we're guessing that just getting the film into theaters at all must feel like dodging a bullet to Babluani.

So here's the trailer for "13," courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Spin the chamber and pull the trigger -- and see for yourself whether this film hits the target or is a colossal misfire: