Rooney Mara Unleashes the Beast in Super-Sized 'Dragon Tattoo' Trailer

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The U.S. adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" won't hit U.S. screens until December, but the newly released extended trailer has fans of the Millennium series praying for winter to come early.

The first trailer for the movie gave viewers a stunning, albeit wordless, peek into the world of violence and corruption surrounding protagonist Lisbeth Salander, played by "The Social Network" star Rooney Mara.

But last night, at an advanced screening of  "Straw Dogs," audiences were given a surprise 8-minute peek into the trauma, terror and tattoos.

Hit Fix describes that the updated trailer, scored by longtime Fincher collaborator Trent Reznor, delved deeper into Salander's world, exploring her unlikely alliance with private investigation client Martin Blomkvist, played by Daniel Craig, with whom she uncovers new information about the decades-old kidnapping of Harriet Vanger.

Filmed with a RED camera, the trailer uncovered plot points glossed over in the original trailer's quick-shot montage, including information about Salander's sexual orientation, and Blomkvist's investigation into Vanger's disappearance, including a chilling admission from her uncle Henrik (Christopher Plummer), stating his belief that Harriet's murderer is a member of her own family.

While it may be months until audiences get to discover the mystery for themselves, if the trailer is any indication of the film series' popularity in the States, it might be time to bust out the eyeliner, nose rings, and chest tattoo to earn some early adopter street cred this Halloween.