Winning Time: Play our Charlie Sheen What the Diff Game

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Charlie Sheen -- even when ten of Hollywood's funniest, meanest stars gather to bust his chops, he's still winning.

[caption id="attachment_79672" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Comedy Central"][/caption]

In honor of Comedy Central's (tiger) bloodiest roast of all time, we've made a special edition of our new What the Diff?! game. We've taken hot pics from Charlie Sheen's movies and added five twists to each shot. Your mission: Find and click on those little twists.

Your score depends on how quickly you can spot the 'Diff' in each pic. When you’re done racking up the points, you'll be able to share your score with friends on Facebook.

Make sure to check back every week, when we'll have a freshly updated game with new movie stills -- and, obviously, watch the Roast of Charlie Sheen Monday on Comedy Central at 10/9 c.

Ready? It’s game time.