First 'Dark Shadows' Photos Prove Johnny Depp Is Being Weird Again

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Johnny Depp has done a lot of high profile, mainstream films in recent years -- "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Tourist," "Public Enemy" -- but now he's finally getting back to doing what he does best: being weird.

And thanks to Celebuzz, we now have the photos to prove it, as the first shots of Depp in costume from the set of his upcoming gothic horror film "Dark Shadows" have hit the internet. Oh, yeah.

Here's what we know: Based on the smash hit '60s daytime horror soap opera of the same name (seriously, that was an actual thing), "Dark Shadows" tells the story of the ancient vampire Barnabas Collins (Depp, naturally) and his encounters with all sorts of other creatures of the night in the creepy new England town of Collinsport.

That creepiness is going to be taken to a whole new level on the big screen, though, thanks to the fact that it's being directed by the master of weirdness, Tim Burton. Add in frequent Depp collaborator Helena Bonham Carter -- Burton's wife, of course -- and Chloe Mortez, who knows a thing or two about vampires herself thanks to her work in the acclaimed horror film "Let Me In," and you have the perfect storm of weirdness brewing.

And Depp delivers in these photos as he appears to be some kind of unholy union of Michael Jackson and Count Chocula. Check out this pic -- and the rest on Celebuzz-- and get psyched. Because Weird Johnny is back and we couldn't be happier about it.