Gerald McRaney Takes the Road to 'Django Unchained'

[caption id="attachment_79532" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Gerald McRaney[/caption]

Gerald McRaney better dust off the hat he wore in "Deadwood."

The former "Major Dad" is set for another Western adventure as he joins the cast of Quentin Tarantino's southern-flavored "Django Unchained," according to Variety.

No word on who McRaney will be playing, but for those familiar with the script, we bet we'll be seeing him as Spencer 'Big Daddy' Bennett, a slave owner whom Django (Jamie Foxx) encounters early on in his quest to free his wife, Broomhilda.

McRaney joins a cast that includes Christophe Waltz as Django's trusty ally, Dr. King Schultze; Leonardo DiCaprio as the main villain, Calvin Candie; and Samuel Jackson and Kevin Costner as Stephen and Ace, two of Candie's minions.

Gerald McRaney recently played George Hearst on HBO's Western series, "Deadwood." He was recently seen on the big screen in "The A-Team" and "Get Low" and will next be seen in the WWII adventure, "Red Tails," opening Jan. 20, 2012.

We'll always remember him, however, for his role as Bastian's Father in "The NeverEnding Story," the distracted single dad who confronts his son about being caught drawing horses in school. ("Unicorns," little Barret Oliver corrects him.)

"Django Unchained" will commence with production in November and will hit theaters on Dec. 25, 2012.