Tough Looks For the Toughest 'Warrior'

You can't exactly buy sweat and muscles like Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton show us again and again in "Warrior."

But you can buy the stuff that helps make those things. And you can certainly look good doing it.

Hardy's character Tommy leaves the military and returns home to train for an MMA (that's mixed martial arts for the uninitiated) competition with his father (Nick Nolte) as his coach. Meanwhile, Tommy’s brother Brendan (Edgerton) is an ex-fighter turned teacher who’s struggling to support his family so he also enters the competition. Needless to say, the grand conclusion equates to a match-up between the two estranged brothers. How's that for sibling rivalry?

We've decided to join in on the MMA fun with “Warrior.” Check out how you can get your MMA action on and learn how to dress the part.