'American Idol' Winner Jordin Sparks Will Croon in 'Sparkle'

[caption id="attachment_79181" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Jordin Sparks[/caption]

Jordin Sparks won't be stopping singing any time soon.

The "American Idol" winner will continue to show off her incredible singing voice in "Sparkle," a remake of the 1976 musical inspired by the story of the Supremes, according to Variety.

The original "Sparkle" told the story of the three Williams sisters, who went from singing in their church choir in 1950s Harlem to forming a popular girl group. Of course, their success destroys their personal lives.

The new "Sparkle" is set in 1968 Detroit, when Motown was on the rise. The musical will focus on the youngest sister (Sparks) and her struggle to become a star while dealing with issues that are tearing her family apart.

Whitney Houston is in talks to play Sparks' not-so-supportive mother, and Mike Epps is on board as a stand-up comedian who marries one of Sparks' sisters and gets her hooked on drugs.

"Sparkle" marks the acting debut of Jordin Sparks, who won the sixth season of "American Idol" at age 17, making her the youngest "Idol" winner to date. Her single, "No Air," is currently the highest-selling single by any "Idol" contestant.

We know Sparks has the pipes... and we have a feeling she's got the chops, too.