Thomas Haden Church To Headline Slasher

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It's not easy to make a good slasher film. You have to have just the right balance between horror and camp; one wrong move in either direction and the whole thing falls apart. But we have a feeling the new horror film "Nothing to Fear" will have no problem finding the right balance, because the producer is someone who knows a thing or two about living on the edge: Slash.

Yes, Slash. The guy from Guns 'N' Roses with the afro and the predilection for top hats. That guy. And now he's making movies, as indieWire is reporting that no less a personage than Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church will be welcoming him to the Hollywood jungle.

Your move, Axl.

The announcement may come as a bit of a surprise, but Slash means serious business with this movie stuff; besides "Nothing to Fear," he's got three other horror movies in the pipeline. And considering the success that fellow rock star Rob Zombie has met within the industry doing his own horror thing, you can bet that execs are taking Slash very seriously indeed.

And the addition of Church, a bona fide Academy Award nominee for "Sideways," will only help legitimize Slash's efforts. Details are still a little hazy on just what "Nothing to Fear" will be about, but according to reports, Church will play some kind of deranged clergyman involved in a nasty brouhaha with a dysfunctional family.

Personally we were hoping it was going to be an epically bloody take on President Franklin Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" speech, but you know what, we'll take it.

After all, any excuse to wear a top hat to the theater is a good one.