Next Factor: 'Restless' Star Henry Hopper

[caption id="attachment_78933" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="WireImage"]Henry Hopper[/caption]

Henry Hopper's got Hollywood in his veins, but it's not his dad Dennis's legacy that's getting viewers to sit up and notice.

The dashing young actor's role in Gus Van Sant's "Restless" has him rocking the red carpet at film festivals from Cannes to Hamburg, with pit stops in Toronto, Helsinki, and Tokyo to boot.

Peek past those to-die-for cheekbones and see what Hopper's got cooking.

Age: 21

Hometown: Venice, California

What He's Done: Hopper technically made his debut in the indie "Kiss and Tell," starring Justine Bateman; but "Restless" is regarded as his first real acting gig.

What He's Doing Now: Hopper plays Enoch Brae in Gus Van Sant's new movie "Restless," opposite the adorable Mia Wasikowska. Enoch prefers rumply old suits, funerals, and hanging out with the ghost of a Kamikaze pilot over the company of other teens until he meets Annabel, who pries him out of his funk with her joie de vivre. Unfortunately, Annabel's joie is not long for this world, because she's up against the Big C and things ain't looking good.

Reminds Us of: It's hard not to think of his late father Dennis Hopper when you take a look at Henry, but he also brings to mind the poetic intensity (and cheekbones) of Johnny Depp in Jim Jarmusch's 1995 film "Dead Man." He's also got the pedigree and dramatic chops of Louis Garrel, son of the famous French director Philippe Garrel.

Fun Facts: Henry dropped out of CalArts art school and was living a bohemian life painting in Berlin when Van Sant tracked him down for the part.

Quotable: "The pool [at CalArts] was the most clothing-optional... I may or may not have taken a nice sunbath every other day," he told "Interview" mag. Young Hopper is a quote machine, so be sure to dip into this "Details" interview where he quotes Lawrence Ferlinghetti and describes experiencing an out-of-body experience after seeing a particularly affecting movie.

Shout-Out: Producer Bryce Dallas Howard told The Wrap, "He defines the phrase 'old soul'... He's an incredibly poetic individual. He has a timeless quality. He is beautifully complex."

Famous Friends: Hopper's private life is just that -- private. Judging by the years he spent turning down acting roles and eschewing the spotlight, it's doubtful that this second-gen talent hangs with the Hollywood crew.

What's Next: He hasn't let slip what is next on his agenda. Painting? Filmmaking? We're all eyes and ears.