Decemberists Singer Ventures Into Stop-Motion For 'Wildwood'

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Fans of stop-motion animation and things that are awesome should get a kick out of this: Laika, the studio behind the delightful "Coraline," is developing another whimsical tale, this time with The Decemberists lead singer Colin Meloy.

According to Collider, the company is all set to adapt Meloy's new children's book titled "Wildwood," which he completed with his throwback illustrator wife Carson Ellis.

The story revolves around young girl Prue McKeel and her pal Curtis as they venture into the mysterious, so-called "Impassable Wilderness" where a murder of crows has absconded with her baby brother. Magic, dark wizards, and battle-hardened creatures all figure in to the rocker's Tolkien-esque world, of which "Wildwood" is (natch) the first in a possible trilogy.

The marriage of Laika and Decemberist Meloy makes sense given they're both based out of Portland, Oregon and have indie cred coming out the wazoo. The studio's president Travis Knight (son of Nike's Phil Knight) unabashedly compares the property to "Lord of the Rings," and Meloy told Variety that, "Hands down, there is no other movie studio in the world besides Laika that I would entrust 'Wildwood' to."

Meloy has already unleashed his inner music dork by compiling a playlist of songs he was inspired by for the book on Amazon, which includes fantasy stand-bys Led Zeppelin and 60's folk legends Fairport Convention.

Those wishing to get a taste of just how faithful this creative partnership will go need not wait, as the studio was already commissioned by publisher HarperCollins to create a nifty animated trailer for the book based on Ellis' illustrations. MAPS!