7 'Twilight' Stars in 7 Wildly Diverse Music Videos

[caption id="attachment_78289" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="MSN"]Kristen Stewart Music Video[/caption]

From Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in Aerosmith's "Crazy" to Megan Fox in Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie," many of Hollywood's elite actresses have taken time away from looking hot on the big screen to look hot in small screen music videos.

Last week, Kristen Stewart joined that list by appearing in the video for Marcus Foster's new single "I Was Broken." I could argue she only did it to keep up with the other previously named actresses.

But on closer inspection, it would appear she did it to keep up with her "Twilight" castmates, many of whom have moonlighted as shining stars in music videos.

Here they all are in one convenient musically diverse package. Sing along, tap your feet… it's about to get Twi-hot up in here.

Kristen Stewart in Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broken'

In this stylish black and white video, the 21–year-old actress does the thing she does best -- look sadly pensive -- and totally nails it! Sure, all the depressing shots of fields of weeds and Marcus Foster looking like he just lost his dog don't help. Even so, the video wouldn't look nearly has sad if not for K-Stew's sorrowful eyes. Foster better be counting his pasty Anglo blessing that he's buddies with R.Pattz (the reason K.Stew agreed?), otherwise his video would be sad AND boring.

Anna Kendrick in LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow'

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy scored big with the second video off his album "This Is Happening." He convinced "Training Day" writer David Ayer to direct and Oscar-nominated "Twilight" actress Anna Kendrick to star (and here you thought you'd never hear the term "Oscar-nominated 'Twilight'…"). Kendrick claims to be a "pretty lame dancer," but looks pretty damn good grooving to me. It makes me want to go out to overly-priced L.A. clubs, order bottle service and run up a student-loan-size tab.

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Jackson Rathbone in 100 Monkeys' 'Ugly Girl'

I've watched this video five times and still can't stop shaking my head. It's not that I don't like it. The song is catchy; it's well shot and funny enough. I just can't quite figure out what everyone was thinking. Did they think it was the early '90s and they're Blink-182? Both an era and band that I like, but . . . [insert head shake] I'm just confused and not sure I can see Rathbone in the same light ever again.

Robert Pattinson in 'Choking On The Dust'

If you really want to see Robert Pattinson's range, forget "Twilight" or "Water for Elephants" – check out "How to Be." The indie dramedy is about a twenty-something struggling musician forced to move home with his parents. Pattinson is funny and proves to be a capable singer, as this promotional music video for the movie proves.

Taylor Lautner in Cassi Thomson's 'Caught Up In You'

Did you expect Lautner to be in a Taylor Swift video? While Swift is reportedly singing about him in the ballad "Back to December," the two haven't (yet) appeared in a music video together. All we have to immortalize the young power couple is the movie "Valentine's Day." How deeply tragic. Even worse, Lautner is in the below 2008 video with Cassi Thomson. Who is Cassi Thomson? You know, that actress from "Cop Dog." What is "Cop Dog"? You know, "Cop Dog." (To be fair, she was also on HBO's "Big Love").

Warning: The remaining videos are NSFW.

Nikki Reed in Sage's 'Edie Sedgwick'

No, you didn't miss Nikki Reed. She's not hiding underneath the black electrical tape on Sage's boobs. Reed actually directed this video for her childhood musician friend. I wonder if she will direct something for her musical fiancée Paul McDonald? And I wonder if she'll make him wear black electrical tape over his nipples?

Justin Chon in Gochu Boyz's 'D*** So Big'

Is this the Asian version of "D**k In A Box"? Watching this has left me with a deep unease. I feel like a live surgery marathon would leave me feeling sunnier and less confused. Why, Justin Chon? Why?!


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