Chris Tucker Won't Be Part of 'Neighborhood Watch'

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UPDATE: Chris Tucker will not be joining the cast of "Neighborhood Watch" after all. The role of Jamarcus will be played by Richard Ayoade, according to Variety.

Ayoade is a stage comedian and TV actor who recently transitioned into directing. He made his feature writing and directing debut earlier this year with the instant indie classic, "Submarine."

Maybe if the title were "Rush Hour: Neighborhood Watch," Tucker would've signed on.  

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All good hiatuses must come to an end.

And it looks like Chris Tucker is calling it quits on calling it quits, as the comedian is in talks to join both "The Silver Linings Playbook" and "Neighborhood Watch," according to Variety.

"The Silver Linings Playbook" stars Bradley Cooper as a high school teacher who moves in with his mother after he's diagnosed with severe depression. He tries to win back his ex-wife but ends up getting involved with his neighbor (Jennifer Lawrence), who has problems of our own.

Tucker would be playing the role of Danny, Cooper's former fellow patient at the mental hospital who escapes on several occasions to visit his troubled friend. Cooper's father will be played by his "Limitless" co-star, Robert De Niro.

The frenetic "Fifth Element" star is also being courted to join "Neighborhood Watch," which stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill as suburbanites who uncover a plot to destroy the world. Tucker would be playing the role of Jamarcus, a recent divorcee.

It's hard to believe that Chris Tucker is considering not one but two projects -- and not one of them is a "Rush Hour" sequel. The comedian was last seen in "Rush Hour 3" in 2007, which was his first film since "Rush Hour 2" in 2001.

Tucker is currently on a stand-up tour that started in July and runs through November. And we have a feeling he still talks really, really fast.

Originally published on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011 at 7:56 p.m. ET.