And the Oscar Hosting Gig Goes To... Eddie Murphy

[caption id="attachment_40776" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Eddie Murphy[/caption]

UPDATE: Variety is reporting that Eddie Murphy has been confirmed as host of the 2012 Oscars.

There has been a lot of speculation recently as to who will host next year's Oscars, but the most interesting prospect by far is definitely Eddie Murphy.

Brett Ratner, one of the producers of next year's awards show, is meeting with the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Tuesday, where he will apparently let it be known that he wants Murphy for the hosting job, according to Deadline.

It makes sense. Ratner recently directed Murphy in "Tower Heist," a crime comedy that's getting a lot of great advance buzz, most of which involves talk of the film potentially jump-starting a major career comeback for the fading star.

No matter what the connection is, we'd love to see Eddie Murphy host the Oscars. He may not make great movies anymore but he's almost always a welcome presence, and his awesome turn in "Dreamgirls" proved that he's still got some magic left in him.

Also, when was the last time we saw Eddie do stand-up? The Oscars would be a great opportunity for us to catch a nostalgic glimpse of that kid who made a name for himself via his comedy act and stint on "Saturday Night Live."

Let's see how that meeting goes on Tuesday. In the interim, prepare for the first Ratner/Murphy team-up, "Tower Heist," opening Nov. 4.

Originally published Sept. 4, 2011.