Dive Into Some Sweet Stuff From 'Shark Night 3D'

It's been awhile since "Jaws," so it was high time Hollywood made another shark attack movie. And, this time around, they aren't pulling any punches – they've tossed in 3-D effects to make it even more gruesome.

Are you shaking in your flip-flops yet?

But let’s be honest, you're probably also seeing "Shark Night 3D" for the sexy girls in bikinis and hot boys showing off their abs of steel. And Sara Paxton, Katharine McPhee, Chris Carmack and Dustin Milligan don't disappoint.

But they do have to wear clothes sometime. And that's where Get the Goods comes in. When we weren't marveling at rockin' bodies, a few other rockin' items caught our eye. Check 'em out.