Denzel Washington Preps for 'Flight' With Zemeckis

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UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis will collaborate for the first time on the dramatic thriller, "Flight." Expect big-time movie magic when the star of "Malcolm X" meets the director of "Forrest Gump!"

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Robert Zemeckis is finally giving audiences a break from his mo-cap fetish and turning back to what he does best: live action films.

Zemeckis, the writer and director of such beloved films as "Forrest Gump," "Cast Away" and the "Back to the Future" trilogy, has a new film in development that will star dashing Denzel Washington and absolutely no uncanny valley hoo-ha. (Or anything even remotely related to "goo goo ga'joob," thanks to Disney's doing. Allow us a collective shiver in memory of the aborted "Yellow Submarine" project.)

The LA Times describes Washington's role in "Flight" as "a pilot who rescues his passengers from a dangerous situation but who turns out not to be as heroic as he appears -- he's an addict whose negligence was partly responsible for the danger in the first place." Moral dilemmas, drug use, airplanes in distress! But will there be any boxes of chocolates or a "talking" basketball? The world wants to know, Zemeckis!

Denzel Washington is currently in DC finishing up "Safe House" with Vera Farmiga and Ryan Reynolds. The CIA thriller began shooting in South Africa earlier this spring. "Flight" will reportedly begin shooting this fall.

Although Washington has been steadily working on films like "Unstoppable," "The Book of Eli," and the remake of "The Taking of the Pelham 1 2 3," it's been a while since we've seen him sink his teeth into a juicy drama. Will this prove to be both the return of the Oscar-winning Washington and Zemeckis alike? Only time will tell.

Originally published on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10:32 a.m. ET.