Julia Jones Calls 'Twilight' Wolf Pack a Boys' Club

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You might think you understand the plight of a woman in traditionally male-dominated fields -- but none of them have anything on Julia Jones.

The actress and model joined "The Twilight Saga" in "Eclipse" as Leah Clearwater, the first (and only) female werewolf in the history of the Quileute tribe. Jones tells NextMovie exclusively in a pre-"Breaking Dawn" chat what it's like to infiltrate the boys' club.

"I felt so privy to their conversations, they literally stopped censoring themselves around me," Jones says of Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo Stewart and the rest. "At a certain point...  they said, 'We're just not going to try to clean this up at all for you.'

"It's mostly fun and it's a little bit sometimes like… you want to puke. [Laughs] But for the most part, it's really wonderful."

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Jones admits her boyfriend at the time was concerned by her in-depth view of the unfiltered male mind.

"On this movie, I kind of got to a place where I felt like I... know how to think like a guy," she explains. "I may have blocked most of it, but it is intricate and complicated and it's a whole thing that goes on with boys, especially at bars. I don't know if I want to know.

"There's a lot of them and they'd all be talking about all this stuff and... they were like, 'You know what, she's just going to have to take it or leave it. She doesn't like it, she can go home.'"

No harm done, says Jones -- in fact, the situation worked to her advantage while she developed the Leah character.

"I actually thought to myself, 'Wow, it's really strange how much I really want them to not censor themselves around me.' Like I really want them to be cool with me in every situation. It's such a unique, concentrated environment when you're with a group of people all the time. That kind of heightens your need to be accepted all the time, but that's exactly what Leah's going through."

And, of course,  the guy talk wasn't that foreign to Jones. "I was actually a huge tomboy growing up," she says. "Huge."

But the "Twilight" experience didn't come without a little collateral damage. How does a girl keep dating guys when she finds out how gross they really are?

Jones laughs, "It's been a serious struggle for the last few months!"

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