James Bond Gets To Have 'Carte Blanche' With New Title?

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We knew superspy 007 usually gets what he wants, but the freedom to act with total impunity?

Apparently a license to kill wasn't enough to keep things like the law and basic human rights from cramping James Bond's style, so the British government is apparently giving him carte blanche to do whatever he damn well pleases.

"Carte Blanche" is, according to BleedingCool, the possible title of the new Bond flick currently gearing up with director Sam Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig practicing his scowl once again.

The site says the name is derived from a piece of recent Bond fiction by Jeffery Deaver, but the source of the inside information is suspect: an unconfirmed report from Blic Online which suggests Serbian cellist Jelena Mihailovic has been enthusiastically hired by EON Productions to score the opening theme to "Bond 23," and that the job and film title were offered to her on the spot. Hmmmm…

Others across the web are casting extreme doubt on the story's accuracy, and even BleedingCool admits in the piece that it raises their suspicion, but like Mr. Bond the internet has a way of shooting first and asking questions later, in hope of being able to yell "SCOOP!" down the line.

That being said, it ain't a bad title. The French ring to it recalls "Casino Royale," and is basically a sophisticated way of saying "anything goes," which we hope it does, including the current rumors of a massive train set piece in the film.

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