Alexander Skarsgard Wants to 'Disconnect'

[caption id="attachment_65387" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Alexander Skarsgard[/caption]

Alexander Skarsgard will soon be online.

The "True Blood" hunk hits the information superhighway as he joins the cast of "Disconnect," an indie drama about the many dangers of the Internet, according to Variety.

"Disconnect" sounds like a variation on "Crash" (the one that was nominated for a lot of Oscars, not the one that was actually good) as it follows a group of interconnected characters who are affected -- and in some cases destroyed -- by the Internet and other forms of modern communication.

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Skarsgard will play a former Marine who's struggling to make ends meet and is emotionally cut off from his wife, prompting him to seek an affair.

Other characters (and subplots) include Michael Nyqvist (the original "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") as a man who Skarsgard and his wife suspect of stealing their identity; Frank Grillo ("Warrior")  as a computer safety expert who's determined to keep his 15-year-old son (Colin Ford) away from the dangers of the online world; and Andrea Riseborough ("Never Let Me Go") as an ambitious TV reporter who pursues a story about an online nude male model.

Sounds like quite a few windows and tabs are going to be open with this story!

Henry Alex Rubin, who co-directed the excellent sports documentary, "Murderball," will be making his feature directorial debut with "Disconnect," with Andrew Stern ("Return to Me") writing the screenplay.

Meanwhile, Alexander Skargard will soon be seen all over the place, as he has "Straw Dogs" opening on Sept. 16, Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia" opening Nov. 11 and "Battleship" opening May 18, 2012.